Our Story

Is it possible for a small group of people to change the life of dogs around the world? And if we could, where do we begin?

After watching the horrified dog meat markets in Asia, witnessing the awful life of stray dogs around the world and finding out badly brad puppies that are unable to properly clean themselves due to inbreed we decided to start a platform where we could help the life of dogs for the good. 

Stefan and Eline already started with puppies on Instagram and found out how the market for puppy trading works. As they grew from thousands up to a million, they decided to reinforce. With professional developer Merijn on the team, and Frank and Renée with a background as a vet nurse joining as well, the team was ready to make the first step in creating a better life for puppies in finding a new loving home.

We at puppyplaza.com strive to present only responsible breeders on our website, who care deeply about the health of their dogs. There are many bad breeders our there choosing max profit over the wellbeing of their dogs. With our professional and thorough checks we separate the good from the bad and we provide a transparent platform where people can talk with the breeders directly.

These cute loving animals deserve the best and only the best. From our approach, we hope both breeders and people looking for a puppy to realize that responsible breeding is a must in the continuity of this beautiful species.

Our goal is to set an example in this market. In the future we aim to be working closely with dog rescue centers around the globe who are positively changing life of dogs that are in need of help. All for a better world.

Thank you for your visit!

Stefan Eline Merijn Renée Frank