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We at strive to present only responsible breeders on our website, who care deeply about the health of their dogs. With our professional and thourough checks we seperate the good from the bad and we provide a transparant platform where people can talk with the breeders directly.

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We check your kennel

Once your profile has been set up, we check if your kennel matches our standards.


You are not a puppy mill?

We do not accecpt puppy mills, puppy farms or storefront pet shops. Responsible breeders only!



Within a day we will inform you about your account. Once approved your account will be published directly!

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Our Marketing team will make sure people all around the world looking for your type of dog is able to find you.

Get in touch with customers

Through our online portal, everyone with serious interest will be able to contact you directly.

Get that puppy to this new family

Once you and the buyer have agreed, you will be making the final steps to bring the pup to his of her new welcoming family.

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Upload the best pictures of your pup and let people know why your cute little friend deserves the best home possible.

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About PuppyPlaza

PuppyPlaza aims to connect people with a puppy that best suits them, while avoiding support of puppy mills and storefront pet shops. We help people find the right four-footed friend, by connecting them with responsible breeders.