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‘If we can change the life of dogs, where would we begin?’

This question is the glue that brings us, Stefan, Eline, Merijn, Renée & Frank, together. On our travels we witnessed horrified dog meat markets in Asia, stray dogs around the world and overflown shelters. Closer to home we saw badly bred puppies with health problems and the horrible conditions at puppy mills and puppy farms. ‘This needs to change!’ we thought and decided to start a platform where we could help the life of dogs for the better.
Stefan and Eline already had a strong following on Instagram with accounts for different dog breeds. As they grew from a couple of thousand to a million followers, they also got an insight into the large market for puppy selling and buying. Stefan and Eline saw an opportunity and decided to look for reinforcement. Together with professional developer Merijn, Frank and vet nurse Renée, the team was ready to make the first step in creating a better life for puppies. is to present only responsible breeders on PuppyPlaza.com. Breeders who care deeply about the health of their dogs and wish to place them in forever loving homes.
We aim to separate these responsible breeders from the bad eggs that choose profit over the wellbeing of their dogs. We do this with our professional and thorough checks. With this we provide a transparent platform where people can find, connect and talk to breeders directly. Dogs are loving and loyal animals that deserve only the best, from both breeder and customer.
With our approach we hope that both breeders and people looking for a puppy for sale to realize that responsible breeding is a must in the continuity of this beautiful species. Our goal is to set an example in the market. In the future we aim to work closely with dog rescue centers and shelters around the globe, who positively change life of dogs in need for help. A better world for ourselves and for man’s best friend!
Thank you for your visit, Stefan, Eline, Merijn & Frank


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