FAQ general

How do I know if the kennel on PuppyPlaza.com is legitimate?
Before a kennel is accepted by PuppyPlaza, our acceptance team does thoroughly evaluate the kennel. Puppy mills are excluded. We accept only responsible breeders.
How do I know if the puppy is healthy?
The kennels are aware that the health of the puppy is our number one priority. Before a puppy is added on their online account, the kennel clarifies that the puppy meets our Puppy Standards.
How do I contact the puppy owner?
You can contact the kennel safe and quickly by sending a direct message on the platform. Click on the ad of the dog and choose ‘send message’. A message screen will pop up where you enter your message. Before you send the message, don’t forget to enter your e-mail! You may also choose to create your own account, save your favorite puppies and use the easy message and inbox system.
How do I purchase the puppy?
Once you are convinced and you and the kennel have agreed with the purchase, use our privacy sensitive platform to negotiate the price and terms by signing up here. To complete the trade you can stay on our platform, we work together with Stripe soon!
How do I get the puppy delivered?
You will discuss deliver options along with the price and term negotiations with the kennel online. Don’t worry! Most kennels are experienced with this and can tell you everything you need to know. Even delivery by air is safe and common, so don’t hesitate and contact the owner.


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