• Puppies can be reserved immediately after puppies are born
  • The puppies may only leave the relevant litter after 8 weeks
  • Photos preferably taken in a household atmosphere and in HQ quality
  • Puppies must be vaccinated and dewormed when they leave the nest
  • Both parents of the puppies in question must be present in this environment
  • Possibly the female alone is also allowed in case of a seed donor
  • Kennels are carefully screened by expert staff before use can be made of
  • In the case of a puppy Mill it will be removed from the platform
  • Action will be taken against the relevant company where necessary
  • A breeding female may only have 3 litters in her life
  • Kennels are required to provide the correct information to the future owners of the puppies
  • Normal communication via chat is a requirement, any violence or foul language will be taken against the kennel
  • That all puppies have a pedigree (however, this is not mandatory)
  • That kennels are affiliated with a relevant breed association. Example: in the USA the AKC
  • The health of the puppies offered for the kennel is always at nr1
  • Merle vs Merle breeding is NOT allowed on


Posted By PuppyPLaza