How does our screening process work?

Our screenings process is the best!

We take the screening process very seriously, because it is also very close in order to optimize transparency. We set the bar very high before a kennel can be seen on our platform. This is to protect our community. We check the website and socials of the registered kennel to find out what the breeder's working method is. You will also be asked to send a certificate of eg an Fci or a pedigree of a mother and father dog that is used for breeding. It is also closely monitored that the breeding bitch only has a limited number of litters in her life. This is to prevent breeding. You will not see standard colors of, for example, a breed like French bulldogs, but then you can assume that this breeder adheres to the conditions, but in general we work with purebred kennels to keep the standard high. From time to time, a member of our company will be able to take a sample and physically visit your kennel out of the blue. Keep up the good work!


Posted By PuppyPLaza